In Print


“Traveling through Time and Space: Saramago, Cervantes and the Chivalric Tradition.” 452oF Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature 11 (2014): 80-92. Web. <Link>

“Engendering the Orient: Cervantes’ La gran sultana.” eHumanista/Cervantes 2, 2013. Web. <Link>

“Holding Identity Captive: Reorienting Race, Gender and Religion in Antonio de Sosa.” “Travel, Contact, Exchange:” 34th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum at Plymouth State University, April 19-20, 2013. Ed. Aniesha R. Andrews. Weston: PHI Press, 2014. 88-96. Print.

“La memoria evasiva y el discurso femenino en Maldito amor por Rosario Ferré.” Pterodáctilo 7 (2009). Web. <Link>

Under Review/Works in Progress (updated 01/16):

“Affective Networks and the Human in Cervantes’ Algerian Captivity Plays.” Article, revise & resubmit stage, Cervantes.

“A Doctor Without Borders: Identity, Religion and Masculinity in Early Modern Algiers.” Article, under review, Laberinto Journal.

“Desvistiendo el fetichismo en Simparidades.” Article, in preparation.

“Fathers and Daughters: Intersecting Religious Performances in The Merchant of Venice and Don Quijote.” Article, in preparation.


“Entrevista a Isabel Franc.” Pterodáctilo 7 (2009). Web. <Link>

“Entrevista a Ana Rossetti.” Pterodáctilo 6 (2009). Web. <Link>


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